Getting Started

The first step of any new survey job is for the client and/or their agents to meet with a Professionl Land Surveyor (PLS).  You do not want to start by working with someone that is not lienced to proform Land Surveying Services in North Carolina.  You will want to make sure that they have a clear understanding of what your needs are to get started.  They should also try to "look ahead" to make sure that the project will not get "tied up" with government red tape in the future.  After getting some basic information, then an estimated price for a survey should be given before any work starts

How a survey is started...

It is very important that the ownership, use by others (easements and right of ways), and restrictions of use (restrictive convenance, zoning, subdivision regulatons, environmental restrictions, etc.) is researched by a PLS before any survey work is begun.  Restrictions of use can have a very big impact on property and can lead to much future frustration for landowners.

Existing title documents, aerial photos, allowed uses and restrictions can be found at the local  Register of Deeds, County websites (GIS and ROD), and County Planning Environmental Health  Departments. Some documents will also have to be supplied by the client. 

Most surveys are based on an legal description calling for an existing "Boundary Survey".

After the research is done, a computer Cad drawing of the subject property and all surrounding properties can be built using the recorded plats and deeds.  This will help to generate coordinates for the field work. 

The next step is to visit the property, investigate the site conditions (wooded, open, rough terrain, creeks), and find the existing property corners.  It is a big help to have someone there that has knowledge of the property and its history, especially if the deed description is vague or the plat is old.

This would be a good time to meet with the PLS to discuss what has been found todate and discuss how the survey budget is going.  If the cost is going to increase, now is the time to find out.  Also discuss how much time to finish and when can he deliver the plat.

Types of survey services that a PLS can offer

  • Site Plan
  • Asbuilt
  • Topographic 
  • Conservation
  • Boundary survey
  • Bank, Loan or Physical Surveys
  • Recombination
  •  Easements or right of ways
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Subdivisions
  • Construction layouts