April, 2017
Berry Islands, Bahamas 
What an exciting cruise so far, we have finally made it to Great Harbor Cay Marina. We had heard so many wonderful things about this island, it was at the top of our bucket list.
And everything we heard was true! The marina is a snug harbor that you enter by a narrow Channel cut through one of the many hills that surrounds and protects Great Harbor Cay Marina.
The staff here are very friendly, making sure that all the guests are kept happy. There is pot luck dinner on Monday, different fun events during the week with a delicious "Chill and Grill" on Friday. There is also a couple of cafes within easy walking distance.
Speaking of walking, most times when you take a stroll, someone will stop and offer you a ride. It doesn't matter if you going somewhere different, they will make a detour saying "it's a small Island and we are not in a hurry". Everyone here is so friendly, making visitors feel very welcome.
I guess the best thing about being here is enjoying the unbelievable scenic beaches. There is Seven Mile Beach on the east side. The sand is as fine as sugar and the water is crystal clear. The beach is wide, lined with palm trees, wild vegetation and rock out cropping. It is truly a very tropical place. We enjoy spending the day there. Long walks, refreshing swims, topped off with cold beer and the most delicious hamburgers on the island.
This marina also host a pair of manatees that are a real joy to watch. I've added a few pictures of the mother and daughter playing in one of the slips.